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All I want in the world is to talk to him and tell him I love him and make it all better. But I can’t. So I’m going to bitch on here instead.

He will never love me. He will never care that I love him. He said it himself, he feels no pain and he doesn’t care if he’s alone. My presence doesn’t matter to him. I should save my energy for someone who cares. It’s so easy for everyone else to walk away from him, why is it so hard for me? He treats me worse than anyone. I hate it. I hate the pain. so why do I stay?? It’s been five years of this and some naive part of me still believes he can change.

Seriously someone please slap me. Please make me see reason.

The One Where Christi Got a Free Meal... →


After our first day of French class, some of my classmates and I were walking around in Nice and we stumbled across a great English restaurant/bar (English as in American, British and Australian) called Wayne’s Bar that my classmate suggested. We all decided we could do with a sandwich and…

Definitely the best night I’ve had in a while!

I was asked out tonight by a drop dead fucking gorgeous professional German hockey player. He’s literally godlike. And I said no because I’m too busy crying over the fact that I’m in love with a man who has shown me time and time again that I’m not worth his time. No matter how amazing anyone else is, they never hold a candle to him in my eyes. He knows, and doesn’t care.

Someone smack some sense into me. Someone tell me how completely fucking daft I am. Please.

It’s my birthday.

It’s also Castiel’s birthday.


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