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You’d hunk after almost five years of this I would learn that nothing will ever change. I am either insane or sadistic. Or maybe both.

thequeenraccoon asked: i knooooooow :( we'd get froyo and talk it out!


There’s nothing I need more than that right now. Except maybe add some shots

What’s worse is that I rescheduled plans for tonight so that I could have one more night with him.

Maybe he’ll regret it when I’m half a works away.

Maybe. But probably not.

Nothing fucking hurts more than when people make it blatantly obvious that you’re not worth their fucking time.

Just keep twisting that knife, honey.

thequeenraccoon asked: :( sending you love and positive vibes girl, you got this! I'm here for you!


Thank you <3 I wish you were down here ughhh

My chronic panic disorder has been dormant for months and now I’m on my second panic attack in 3 days. I guess I can find some consolation in that I at least know why this one is happening. It’s hard to decide what’s worse though; having an attack randomly and unprovoked, or having one in response to a shitty situation.

I really can’t be doing this when I’m moving out of the country in four days. Fuck.

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